Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day #21,759

Walk km 5065-5078 (16,681 to go): to Stadium Station/(skytrain+bus)/49th/Prince Albert/41st/Chester/39th/Prince Albert/Kingsway/16th/Prince Albert/6th/Fraser/5th/2nd/5th/Scotia/4th/Columbia/seawalk/Cambie bridge/Smithe/Cambie/Robson/Howe/Smithe

the seawalk along False Creek
aprox km 5075 from Cambie bridge

Movie #1329 (#150 this year): So Dark The Night(1946, Joseph H Lewis)

This certainly doesn't look like a Joseph H Lewis movie. What it reminds me of is John Brahm's "The Locket" which I saw a few days back. Despite the fact that there is a murder and a famous Parisian detective is on the case, it is not a whodunit. You see, the famous detective gathers all the evidence and can come to only one conclusion: "I must be the murderer". Well then, there's only one more thing to do, I must now catch the murderer! Yup, this is the story about a fellow with more than a few screws loose. Once again, melodrama at it's very best.

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