Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day #21,763

Walk km 5100-5110 (16,653 to go): Burrard/Georgia/Seymour/(bus)/Dundas/Renfrew/Triumph/Salesbury/Powell/Woodlands/Powell/Raymur/Union/Campbell/Strathcona park/Chess/National/(skytrain)/Pacific Center/Robson

Movie #1331 (#152 this year): But The Flesh Is Weak (1932, Jack Conway)

Well, that one certainly went downhill fast. The first half of this movie is quite a charming screwball comedy. To start the second half, they leave a gaping hole in the plot in order to drive the story forward. That pretty much ruins everything until the ending. And the ending really drops this one into the trash barrel: they promote violence against women. Yes, if you're having woman trouble just give her a good whack - that'll straighten her out and make her see sense. Disgusting.

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