Friday, July 2, 2010

Day #21,743

Walk km 4933-4939: to library/(bus)/Matthews/Hosmer/Pine Cres/19th/Maple/4th/Vine

Ford Crestline
aprox km 4936 19th Ave

Movie #1318 (#139 this year): The Show-Off (1934, Charles F Reisner)

The title is kind of strange. The lead character is not a "show off", he's a "blow hard". I wonder if they hadn't invented that phrase in 1934?
Anyway, Spencer Tracy plays an ignorant, obnoxious nitwit who thinks he's God's answer to everything! Finally, the few people who for some reason think he's OK come to their senses and realize he's as obnoxious as people have been trying to tell them he is. Then, (I don't believe this!) they tacked on a horrible (happy) ending. He makes some money (for no reason - they just put it in the script) and so everyone loves him again! But he's still the obnoxious blowhard he's always been. It's disgusting.

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