Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day #21,761

Walk km 5084-5086: to Safeway
Walk km 5086-5092 (16,669): to Yaletown station/(skytrain+bus)/Knight/43rd/Lanark/Dumfries/57th/Knight/59th/Inverness/Marine/Crompton/67th/Sherbrooke/Marine/(bus)/Seymour/Georgia/Granville/Robson

the #22 bus
aprox km 5085 Knight Street

Book #300 (#24 this year): Flynn (1977, Gregory McDonald)

I wonder if Mr McDonald has ever read P.G. Wodehouse? I think he's read everything he ever wrote. If P.G. wrote crime novels, he'd be a dead ringer for Gregory McDonald. Nice lightweight summer reading.

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