Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day #21,749

Walk km 4972-4980: Grant/Rupert/Kitchener/Odlum/Charles/Clark

aprox km 4977 Kitchener Street

Movie #1321 (#142 this year): The Strip(1951, Laszlo Kardos)

A piece of crap. Brain dead plot line fluffed up by endless music numbers. Mickey Rooney shoulda known better. Especially bad is Vic Damone singing "Don't Blame Me". Also, washed out picture quality doesn't help matters.

Movie #1322 (#143 this year): Truck Busters(1943, B Reeves Eason)

leading lady, Virginia Christine

Very interesting. I guess Senator MCarthy was right. Capitalists try increasing profits in the trucking business but run into a bunch of independent truckers who try and thwart their plans by going socialist! In this day and age it's interesting to see a Hollywood movie where socialism is touted as the answer to ruthless capitalism. And the socialists are the heroes.
I see that this movie has no rating at IMDB because there hasn't even been 5 votes registered. It was made by Warner Bros so it can't be that obscure. Was it banned?
As for the movie's quality, I'd say it's pretty darn good. An early fight scene in a cab of a truck was horrid and some of the acting is questionable. However, great "trucks rolling through the night" scenes and some guy called Rex Williams makes a swell villain.

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