Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day #21,768

Walk km 5150-5164 (16,604 to go): New Westminster walk with Meetup Group
Walk km 5164-5166: to the library

world's largest tin soldier
aprox km 5163 New Westminster

Book #302 (#26 this year): How To Rob An Armored Car(2009,Iain Levison)

Another superior outing from Mr Levison. In this one three idiots try various schemes to make money. The title comes from one of the idiot's visit to a book shop to see if he can find a book on how to be a criminal and specifically about how to rob an armored car.
My favourite moment: One of the idiots is given the job of getting the getaway car ready (they bought a $300 clunker that barely runs). The getaway car will only be driven a couple of miles and then they'll switch vehicles. Instead of spending the money on sparkplugs and such he uses it to install a stereo system!
One slight problem is that the three idiots have quite similar personalities (especially "Mitch" and "Kevin") so it's a bit of a chore to keep them seperate in your mind.
Otherwise, a hoot from start to finish.

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