Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day #21,751

Walk km 4988-4999: Robson/Hamilton/Dunsmuir/(skytrain)/Vanness/Killarney/46th/Raleigh/Coleridge/Raleigh/48th/Elliott/49th/Clarendon/48th/Nanaimo/49th/Gladstone/48th/Nanaimo/Waverley/Gladstone/48th/Victoria/49th/Beatrice/41st/Victoria/35th/Nanaimo/34th/Gladstone/Galt/Baldwin/Brock/Nanaimo

aprox km 4992 Killarney Street

Movie #1324 (#145 this year): The Locket(1946, John Brahm)

I'd heard reports that Mr Brahm was a excellent director. Turns out to be true.
The plot starts....
Then we have a flashback....
Then we have a flashback inside the flashback....
Then we have a flashback inside the flashback of the flashback.
Audience heads could begin to hurt by this time but luckily Mr Brahm has each flashback return in order so that we get the shocking conclusion right at the point that we started.
Melodramas don't get any better than this.

Movie #1325 (#146 this year): Stepping Out(1931, Charles Reisner)

Charlotte Greenwood

It's amateur hour over at MGM. The only discernible talent displayed here is by leading lady Charlotte Greenwood who appears to have a bit of comedic flair. The rest of the cast is pathetic. The direction by Charles Reisner is horrid (although most directors at this time did had problems adapting to "talkies").
But this is pre-code which makes dialogue like this very strange to hear in such an old movie:
Woman: "You're such a small man"
Man: "Oh my size might surprise you!"

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