Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day #21,871

Walk km 9011-9024 (12,847 to go): Patterson to Arbutus with the Meetup group

Movie #1865: Examined Life (2008, Astra Taylor)

It's a documentary about philosophy. It's totally junk except that it is entertaining. Philosophy should be read: that way you can stop and think about what people are saying. Does it make sense? But in a film, it just keeps right on rolling - there's no time to think things through. Film is the wrong medium for philosophy.
However, it is entertaining (for the most part) to listen to these people (each one gets about 10 minutes). As far as I can tell, most of them are mostly wrongheaded. In other words, their philosophy is not mine.

Movie #1866: Seven Dumpsters And A Corpse (2007, Thomas Haemmerli)

the corpse in happier times

Filmmaker films the cleaning of his dead mother's apartment. She was a hoarder. Her mother was a hoarder. The mother's life is reconstructed - everything seems OK on the surface. Will the filmmaker and his children suffer the same fate?

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