Monday, November 14, 2011

Day #21,880

Walk km 9099-9101: to Safeway
Walk km 9101-9111: test walk: Rupert Station to Metrotown Station

overpass across Kingsway
approx km 9110 near Metrotown

Book #397: The Hunter (1962, Donald "Richard Stark" E Westlake)

This is the first of the Parker novels by Donald E Westlake and since I've read more of the later Parkers, this is quite a contrast. In this one, Parker is like Mike Hammer on steroids. He's constantly killing and maiming people and only half the reason is because they owe him money. The other half: he enjoys it. That half would be gone from later Parkers as he became the consummate professional criminal.
Not bad but probably not as interesting if you haven't read the later Parkers.

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