Monday, November 28, 2011

Day #21,894

Walk km 9231-9233 (12,661 to go): to Safeway
Walk km 9233-9243 (12,651 to go): test walk: Upper Lynn Valley to Lonsdale Quay

city street
approx km 9241 Lonsdale Street (North Vancouver)

Movie #1885: The Sun Sets At Dawn (1950, Paul Sloane)

I liked it. There wasn't much skill shown here but it's a noir: my favourite genre. In this one a totally nondescript loser of as fellow if framed for murder and sent to the electric chair. The fact that this character is played by a horribly inept actor kinda fits right in. In the end, the truth comes out and he doesn't fry. Why? God intervenes!

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