Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day #21,889

Walk km 9191-9195 (12,694 to go): test walk, Wreck Beach

a log over the stairs
approx km 9192 #3 Trail

Movie #1880: Lightning Strikes Twice (1951, King Vidor)

That's Hollywood! When I think of Hollywood, this is the kind of movie I picture in my mind. A woman gets off the Greyhound in a small town. She goes to the hotel to get a room for the night. And then............. Mr Vidor's given name certainly seems apropos.

Movie #1881: Hey! Hey! U.S.A. (1938, Marcel Varnel)

The English have no sense of humour (at least, pre Monty Python). So, watching an English "comedy" can be a dreary business. This one stars a most tedious gentleman named Will Hay. For some strange reason, the English thought that he was funny. That's a laugh!

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