Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day #21,888

Walk km 9182-9183: running errands
Walk km 9183-9191: every block walk: 17th, Guelph

Book #399: When The Devil Holds The Candle (1998, Karin Fossum)

In our quest for more Scandi crime we now arrive in Norway. Karin Fossum does not disappoint. There are some hard to believe plot twists that detract from suspension of disbelief but do add to the "page turning" effect as you wait for the next shoe to drop. Good character development. And there are plenty of situations in the lives of the "lucky ones" that kind of mirror what's happening to the less fortunate. The affect is to make us believe that except for a little luck any one of us could have ended up as a character in this book.

Movie #1879: Les Week-Ends D'Un Couple Pervers (1976, Georges Fleury)
There is another genre of movie on the internet that I hadn't tried before: the erotic. Sad to say, I was already looking at the time (when will this end) long before it was over. I know that these films abandoned plots fairly early on in their history but in 1976 there still should have been a story. No, just skin.

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