Monday, November 7, 2011

Day #21,873

Walk km 9027-9030: running errands
Walk km 9030-9036: every block walk: Elm,38th,Dunbar,34th,Crown

Movie #1867: X The Unknown (1956, Leslie Norman)

one of the crappy reaction shots

There's a radioactive glob oozing all over Scotland "melting" everyone that comes in contact. Only the Brits could turn this idea into tedium. The reaction shots are especially bad.

Movie #1868: Jazz Boat (1960, Ken Hughes)

What a mess. It's a comedy. It's a musical. It's a drama. It's a bit of everything. It has some swinging 60s music: Ted Heath! A lead character who looks just like Ray Davies: James Booth. An amazing dolly bird: Anne Aubrey. A gay character: Bernie Winters. A character who looks just like Anthony Newley: Anthony Newley. Most obnoxious musical number ever: Jean Philippe singing "Oui Oui Oui".
But it does have a kind of goofy charm.

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