Friday, December 2, 2011

Day #21,898

Walk km 9281-9283: running errands
Walk km 9283-9286: Burrard & Pacific

Book #401: He Who Fears The Wolf (1997, Karin Fossum)

A lesser Fossum. This is the oldest of the 3 Fossums I've read. In this one we have an insane asylum escapee, a juvenile detention detainee and a local loser who tries his hand at bank robbery. They all get together on the hottest day of the year. It's OK but in her next two books Fossum used regular people who came in close contact with those whose minds were not screwed on straight. Regular people like you or me.

Movie #1887: Warning From Space (1956,Koji Shima)

I quite liked this. It's too high quality to be laughable although the plot is totally ludicrous. However, this was the dubbed version so it may have made more sense in the original Japanese.
As it turns out, this movie was the road not taken. Japanese sci-fi movies were always about the atomic bomb. Almost all were about the radiation which caused giants like Godzilla to stomp all over Tokyo. In this one, the atomic bomb is our friend. A scientist discovers a bomb even more powerful than the A-bomb or H-bomb and uses it to save the earth from a collision with another planet.
Another theme here is the stupidity of humans. The "world congress" cannot come to a consensus on whether to get together to stop the collision. The only scientist who knows how to make this super bomb is kidnapped by gangsters who want his formula to sell to the highest bidder.
Well, maybe it wasn't so great but I was expecting a lot less.

Movie #1888: New York Confidential (1955, Russell Rouse)

I was just walking by one of the sub-libraries so I went in to see if they had anything interesting in their DVD section. Well, I guess this would rate as interesting.
We get Broderick Crawford chewing up the scenery supported by Richard Conte, Anne Bancroft, Barry Kelley, Mike Mazurki and I thought one of Richard Conte's first victims was Don Rickles but I didn't see his name in the credits. Broderick Crawford is great and I loved the way Anne Bancroft talked out of the side of her mouth.
All good but it was all-syndicate all the time. These pictures are always better if the throw a square john in there too. Still, lotsa fun.

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