Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day #21,918

Walk km 9452-9455: to the bank & T&T
Walk km 9455-9461 (12,457 to go): every block: Selkirk & Osler

Christmas lights at grass level
approx km 9458 49th at Osler

Movie #1902: Kimjongilia (2009, N C Heikin)

It seemed like the right time to watch this documentary about Kim Jong-Il. There's not much new here. The stories of people who excaped North Korea are what you would expect. The treatment of the Koreans in China was new to me. The filmaker didn't have much film footage (some of the interviewees didn't want their faces shown) so he had to add filler just to get this up to 73 minutes.

Book #404: Black Seconds (2002, Karin Fossum)

I had a problem with this book: I'd seen the movie already. I wasn't able to stop thinking about the movie version and comparing that plot to this one. That probably did lessen my enjoyment somewhat but it was still a first class page turner. The plot was a bit more streamlined than the usual Fossum: no amazing coincidences and allusions (what appears to be happening really is). As usual, the enjoyment of the book is because of the first class description of the characters inner turmoil. Another first class effort.

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