Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day #21,914

Walk km 9430-9441 (12,473 to go): Meetup walk from Braid Station to SFU

Meetup walker Kathy
approx km 9435 North Road Trail

Book #403: Strange Days (2011, Ted Ferguson)

This was quite disappointing. This book was going to prove how weird Canadians can be (not the dullards that we are commonly portrayed as). However, this book pretty much solidifies the stereotype. There are a few oddballs in here but most of the characters are just plain vanilla.
After I read the book I looked at the author's blurb. It appears that Mr Ferguson writes for such august journals as Reader's Digest and EnRoute. I guess I should have read that first.
All in all, it didn't deliver as promised but was still a pleasant diversion (but then I'm Canadian so, being a dullard, I'm easily entertained).

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