Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day #21,902

Walk km 9318-9324: every block: 2nd, Drummand and Collingwood

Movie #1890: Between Midnight And Dawn (1950, Gordon Douglas)

Superior police procedural. Nice job by Douglas.
Interesting three way romance angle. Did folks useta go out on three person dates? Don't think I've heard tell of that before.

Movie #1891: The Golden Fleecing (1940, Leslie Fenton)

This one was a screwball comedy and it was quite funny. However, I do have a problem with movies were the leading man is a spineless twerp. And they don't make 'em much twerpier than Lew Ayres in this movie. So, it's not a reasonable complaint but it ruined my enjoyment of this movie all the same.

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