Friday, December 16, 2011

Day #21,912

Walk km 9407-9409: to the Safeway
Walk km 9409-9411: running errands
Walk km 9411-9419 (12,493 to go): every block: St George & Lorne

city lights
approx km 9417 Lameys Mill Road

Movie #1898: Goldstein (1964, Philip Kaufman & Benjamin Manaster)

a violinist in a wheelchair is pushed around NYC by an old man from the sea

Artsy fartsy film that appears to have a deeper meaning but I was unable to determine what/who the various episodes/characters were representing.
As one character says: "it's about the transformation of technical chaos into a primitive order". Ya, right, that must be it!
After reading IMDB: This is Chicago not NYC. The original print was 30 minutes longer.

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