Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day #21,910

Walk km 9385-9397: Meetup walk around Burnaby Lake

approx km 9389 Burnaby Lake

Movie #1895: Grand Central Murder (1942, S Sylvan Simon)

It's a whodunit. And I like it! Not a serious line in the whole movie as this whodunit is played strickly for laughs. Mr Simon does another wonderful job of keeping this one moving right along despite endless "gathering the suspects" scenes which would have been very static is less adept hands.

Movie #1896: The Widow From Chicago (1930, Edward F Cline)

Some very bad acting in this one. Edward G Robinson is OK of course but Mr Cline can't get a decent performance out of anyone else. The oddest thing: leading lady Alice White acts just like Goldie Hawn. Weird.

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