Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day #21,906

Walk km: 9349-9358: Meetup walk from FSU to Hastings

Meetup members
approx km 9351 Trans Canada Trail near FSU

Movie #1892: The Lizard (2004, Kamal Tabrizi)

A man escapes from an Iranian prison by changing closes with a mullah. After awhile he begins to do good deads as the role of mullah grows on him.
This was banned in Iran but it appears to be pro-religion (at least the teachings if not the traditions). Professionally done with excellent acting.

Movie #1893: Skyscraper Souls (1932, Edgar Selwyn)

It's "Grand Hotel" again: this time it's the people in an office building. It's the usual soap opera themes with a little added spice (this is pre-code). Warren William is quite effective as the building owner who is the supreme cad. He should have been a big star but with the code just two years off, his days as a cad were numbered.

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