Friday, March 2, 2012

Day #21,989

Walk km 10014-10019 (11,970 to go): every block: William Street

Movie #1980: La Morte Saison Des Amours (1961, Pierre Kast)

It's amazing what obscurities you can find on YouTube. Here we have 100 minutes of the idle rich continually telling each other what a terrible life they lead. Yech!

Movie #1981: Festival Girls (1962, Leigh Jason)

Leigh Jason's final film - he went from Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanywyck in "The Mad Miss Manton" to Arch Hall Jr in "The Choppers" to this.
Actually, it's quite entertaining but not due to any talent from the cast or crew. They were setting their sites very low and they hit the target. For the "blonde dynamite" they couldn't even afford a woman that looked good - although Barbara Valentin does look fine in a bikini. The striptease scenes at the end appear to be tacked on. One looks like it came from a JD movie.
An entertaining mess.

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