Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day #22,017

Walk km 10,264-10,267: running errands

Movie #2011: Vietnam: American Holocaust (2008, Clay Claiborne)

Documentary about how America (U.S.A.) was able to murder between 3 and 5 million Vietnamese in such a short time. Eye witness accounts of various killing methods. Really, quite revolting.

Television episode #11: Decoy - Tin Pan Payoff (1957, David Alexander)

I didn't know that Beverly "Stark Fear" Garland had her own TV series. In "Decoy" she plays a NYC cop. Unfortunately, the plot is whodunit and at only 30 minutes they only have time to trot out a bunch of suspects and then have Bev quickly point out whodunit. Alweays nice to see Ms Garland at work though.

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