Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day #21,998

Walk km 10,092-10,101 (11,897 to go): to Glen @ Terminal

Movie #1997: Angel Baby (1961, Paul Wendkos)

Oh boy, they had to tread a fine line here. This is about traveling tent show evangelists. Now, they wanted to get at the seedy side of such an enterprise but they couldn't step on any religious toes. Their solution: the evangelists are all as pure as the driven snow - it's their backers who are corrupt. Leading the corrupt here is the mighty Mercedes McCambridge as a sex craved sinner (of middle age) who lusts after choir boy George Hamilton. She makes him not only a star evangelist but also her husband.
Fellow evangelist Salome Jens (with a perfect Joanne Woodward voice) is having her troubles too with her backer who craves not sex but the almighty dollar.
This is a real cauldron of sin and redemption (but mostly sin - the redemption comes in the final scene).

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