Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day #22,014

Walk km 10,231-10,241: every block - Alice St, Welwyn St etc

Book #415: The Sailcloth Shroud (1959, Charles Williams)

Another superior crime/sea thriller from Mr Williams. Pages keep turning at a furious pace as seaman Rodgers finds he has a deckhand who's on the run and is planning to fake his death for the third time.

Movie #2008: Ariel (1988, Aki Kaurismaki)

Miner loses his job when the mine closes down. He tries his luck in Helsinki. He has no luck. Typical deadpan Kaurasmaki is a delight to watch.

Movie #2009: So's Your Aunt Emma (1942, Jean Yarbrough)

Two pluses here are Zasu Pitts as Aunt Emma and Elizabeth Russell as Zelda. Everything else is strickly routine.

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