Friday, March 23, 2012

Day #22,010

Walk km 10,195-10,198: running errands

Movie #2004: Return Of The Fly (1959, Edward Bernds)

It's the worst of both worlds with this sequel to The Fly. For 50s SiFi/Horror it's pretty big budget so that ruins any trash value it might have but it still retains all the idiotic non-logic of it's shoestring budgeted brethren.
When the fly/man splits in 2 they both have the human brain. In fact, one of the brains is so smart that it knows that Alan has an accomplice, and who he is and where he lives! Amazing. Then he walks all the way through Montreal to that place (despite having a fly-head) without being seen! Even more amazing. Then he kills the guy because he has the "killer instinct of the fly"! The fly has a killer instinct? I'm afraid humans are much more murderous than any fly could ever dream of being.
Crap with a shiny coating.

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