Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day #22,000

Walk km 10,115-10,120 (11,880 to go): every block inc. Maxwell St.

everyone on this street has something atop their gatepost
approx km 10,117 Maxwell Street

Movie #1998: Pretty In Pink (1986, Howard Deutch)

in the 80s it was cool to dress up like your gramma

I was feeling like something really ditzy so when I looked over "new on Netflix", there it as: A Molly Ringwald movie!
Little did I realize that the movie was about class warfare. Or maybe it was about the senior prom. Anyway, I didn't get it.
All through the movie, the Andrew McCarthy character acts like an asshole. Then at the prom all is forgiven and he "gets the girl". Huh? I'll have to check with IMDB to try and find out what I missed.
Back from IMDB: They had to re-shoot the ending! The test audience wanted the Molly character to end up with the asshole so they re-shot the ending to give the audience what they wanted! Which just goes to show: A) Some people will do anything for money and B) People in the 80s musta been dumb as stumps.

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