Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day #21,997

Walk km 10,081-10,092 (11,905 to go): Meetup walk Cambie @ 49th Ave

Book #413: Toll Call (1987, Stephen Greenleaf)

Greenleaf and Jonathan Valin are probably the two best of the 80s/90s detective fiction writers. As with all good fictional detectives, Tanner is not perfect no matter how hard he tries to be. In this one he's out to help a friend even if he's not sure whether the friend wants his help or not.

Movie #1996: L'Oeil Du Malin (1962, Claude Chabrol)

A two-bit writer finds himself in the same village as famous writer Hartman and his wife. He cannot stand their happiness so he makes plans to destroy it.
It's OK but somehow we really never get the full impact of just how creepy this guy is.

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