Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day #22,061

Walk km 10,803-10,807: to/from T&T
Movie #2031: Heroic Driver (1954, Lu Ban)
Another Chinese communist propaganda movie. I've found some of these to be quite interesting but this one lives up to all the critisism that has been heaped on them. The entire plot concerns how much weight can a train pull. Some say this and some say that. And they keep saying it for 100 minutes. Sheesh! In the end, proper Communist thought prevails and much more weight will be pulled by China's trains in order to fight American imperialism! For those who saw it in 1954, a real snooze fest. For us today, there is some historical interest.

Movie #2032: The Young Ones (1961, Sidney J Furie)

Horrid. Are you sure this was made in 1961? Not 1931? Crappy "puttin' on the big show" plot with dance/song routines that must have seemed outdated 30 years earlier.
Once again, The Shadows make a few cameo appearances but it's way too little too late. 

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