Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day #22,075

Walk km 10,904-10,907: running errands
Walk km 10,907-10,912 (11,163 to go): to Main & Alexander

Movie #2046: Moscow On The Hudson (Paul Mazursky, 1984)

I'm afraid I didn't believe Robin Williams as a Russian for one instant. And all that flag waving. It just got rather sickening after awhile.

Movie #2047: Dramatic School (1938, Robert B Sinclair)

Luise Rainer does have a bit of a Greta Garbo type vibe but that's it - that's all. Story of aspiring actresses is as dull as dust.

Movie #2048: The Rebel Set (1959, Gene Fowler Jr)

How in the world have a missed this one? It's a beatnik "big caper" flick. Coffee house owner recruits three "creeps" to help him in a million dollar armoured car robbery. With that plot, can this be anything but great? Of course not. Great movie. And IMDB rated this one a 2.3! They're nuts!

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