Friday, May 25, 2012

Day #22,073

Walk km 10,875-10,891: Meetup walk from Science World to/from Kitsilano

Movie #2043: The Rise And Fall Of Legs Diamond (1960, Budd Boetticher)

Hey Budd, where's Randy and the horses? Budd Boetticher tries a gangster film after all those years of making westerns. Story moves along OK but Ray Danton ain't much of a leading man.

Movie #2044: Sky Full Of Moon (1952, Norman Foster)

This movie is very whimsical. I hate whimsey! However, this one does include a little crime and kinda reminds me of that Hank William's song: "The Lost Highway". A young cowboy (just turned 21) decides to head for Vegas (to enter the rodeo). Instead he gets intoduced to drinkin', gamblin', cheatin' and a woman's lies.
The scenes of 1952 Vegas sure are a hoot. The Gold Spike, Pioneer and Golden Nugget are all there in their black&white glory.

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