Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day #22,078

Walk km 10,921-10,927: Bonneville, Martin Luther King & Bonanza
Walk km 10,927-10,929: buying a basketball wager

Movie rewatch: Gas! (1970, Roger Corman)

Ain't seen this one since I was 18 years old. It was playing at "Cinema 3" on Ellice.
I loved it then and I think it's OK now. All kinds of weird hip in-jokes and Roger keeps things movin' right along. Still fun after all these years. IMDB rates this 36? Squaresville!

Movie #2053: Le Voyou (1970, Claude Lelouch)

Yes, this was quite entertaining but haven't we seen this plot before? In 1963 Kurosawa made "High And Low" about a boy who is kidnapped but where the boy's father's employer pays the ransom money. Same plot here except that in the Kurosawa the kidnappers make a mistake and kidnap the wrong kid. In this movie, the kidnappers know that the employer will come across (to avoid bad publicity). 

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