Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day #22,079

Walk km 10,929-10,935: North Rancho

looking out the window of the #106 bus
approx km 10,935 North Rancho

Book #419: The Long Saturday Night (1962, Charles Williams)

Charles Williams is one of the great lit-noir writers of all-time. And here he even strays from his usual aquatic settings to tell a story that plays out entirely on dry land. Excellent.

Movie #2054: Crazy Mama (1975, Jonathan Demme)

Low-brow fun as Cloris Leachman and a band of misfits go on a cross-country crime spree.
Cloris is of course God-like as an actress but who knew she had such a nice tushie? They certainly downplayed that on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Movie #2055: Wife To Be Sacrificed (1974, Masaru Konuma)

Japanese movie about sexual aberrations. A sicko takes a break from his pedophilia to try his hand at s&m. Unfortunately, he's into the "s" of s&m and victim is into "m" but she loves it so much that the "s" just isn't any fun. So, it's back to pedophilia.
Appears this movie was made simply to make a few bucks from the overcoat crowd.

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