Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day #22,216-217

Walk: km 11,926-11,929: along Coal Harbour
Walk km 11,928-11,932: to Chinatown
Walk km 11,932-11,942 (10,275 to go): Sperling @ Canada Way to Braid Station

Movie #2124: Deadly Weapons (1973, Doris Wishman)

Doris brings her usual "home movie" style to this tale of a mob hit and the victim's girlfriend who tracks down the killers. There's enough goofy stuff here to make this one entertaining.
However, a person's main concern while watching  is "what ever became of Liliana Wilczkowska (the lead actress)?"). She obviously can't act and with her rather pronounced physical deformity a person would think that she must have been looking at a rather bleak future. I wonder if IMDB can tell us what became of her?
IMDB just mentions that she was married to umpire Dick Stello. Wikipedia says that she is currently living in Florida. She would now be 75 so I assume that whatever profession she persued after acting, she is now retired from it.

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