Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day #22,222

Walk km 11,986-11,988: to T&T

Movie #2128: Lena Rivers (1932, Phil Rosen)

Here's an interesting one. It appears to be about breeding.
In our story, Lena is a bastard. Or maybe not. Lena's grandmother claims she's not but her only proof is that Lena's mother claimed (on her deathbed) that she was married even though no husbamd could be found.
It appears that this is quite important! Lena gets shunned when she goes to live with her thoroughbred horse raising uncle. In fact the uncle and all his upper class neighbours are all horse breeders. In one scene, a stable hand explains to Lena just how important having a good pedigree is to a thoroughbred/race horse. In this movie, Lena is being treated like a race horse!
In the final scene, Lena's beau (who has decided to marry someone else - she's a jerk but she has a good pedigree) finds out she's not a bastard so he jumps out of his hospital bed and goes racing back to Lena. Lena now has a fine pedigree so all is forgiven.
This was already the third movie using the Lena Rivers story. I wonder if they all had this horse racing angle.

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