Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day #22,225

Walk km 12,005-12,016: along False Creek

Movie #2131: Les Femmes Des Autres (1978, Claude Bernard-Aubert)

Just 5 years earlier Claude had directed Gerard Depardieu and Jean Gabin in L'Affaire Dominici. It's now 1978 and he makes his living directing porno under a pseudonym.
Plotless but glossy. IMDB has this one under another title and 25 minutes longer. Did the original version have a plot?

Movie #2132: Initiation Au College (1979, Gerard Kikoine)
Since PokerStars was down due to a system restart it was a French porn double feature night.
This one was great! Why?
Maybe the high quality picture with the correct aspect ratio (widescreen).
The presence of Cathy Stewart?
Wonderful night scenes of Paris?
Wonderful direction and acting?
All those of goofy situations (loved the bubble gum scene)?
All the above? I think so. 
A regular "Gone With The Wind" of porno. IMDB rates it 41. Huh?

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