Monday, October 22, 2012

Day #22,223

Walk km 11,988-11,997: every block walk

Movie #2129: Missing Witnesses (1937, William Clemens)

Dick Purcell has the honour of playing the stupidest policeman in cinematic history. Not only does he screw up everything he touches, he also gets the girl.

Movie #2130: Teenie Tulip (1971, Gerard Damiano)
After seeing Inside Deep Throat I figured I should see the original. However, the internet copies are all in pretty rough shape. So I looked in IMDB for other Damiano titles and was surprised that Deep Throat wasn't his first film. Teenie Tulip was made before Deep Throat and it was R rated not X rated. They did however add sex scenes later to cash in on Deep Throat.
The plot revolves around sex therapist Dr Love and his many patients. It's all rather humdrum until the big ending (which features dreams within dreams and an octopus). So, kinda dull but the last 10 minutes were so goofy it made up for it.     

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