Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day #22,219

Walk km 11,959-11,962: to T&T

Movie #2125: Double Agent 73 (Doris Wishman, 1973)
I tried to find a picture of Liliana wearing one of those goofy 70s outfits but for some reason all the pictures on the google search have Liliana wearing less than a full outfit.

I really couldn't watch one Doris Wishman/Liliana Wilczkowska epic without watching the other one. These things do come in twos you know!
This time Liliana is a secret agent taking pictures using a camera implanted in her breast (for obvious reasons).
The plotting is incredibly bad. The dialogue is atrocious: "the flowers are beautiful" "not as beautiful as you baby". But the worst thing of all: those 70s fashions. Last time I kinda felt sorry for Liliana but according to Doris Wishman, she could take care of herself: Doris didn't make any more movies with Liliana because she was a real prima donna. But she got back at her: the clothes that she has to wear in this picture are horrible. Were these clothes for some kinda clown costume? Nope, just your typical 70s fashion.

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