Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day #22,756-757

Walk km 16,360-16,373: Lincoln Park meetup walk
Walk km 16,373-16,384: Lougheed Station to Sperling Station via Lochdale

Movie #2471: The Budding Of Brie (1980, Henri Pachard)

This is an odd one. A porn remake of "All About Eve". The acting is fine. The lighting is good. Costumes are excellent. In short, this is a real movie! It was only after this that they realized that the porn audience wasn't coming to the theatre to see good acting, lighting and costumes so they stopped making movies like this. I was sure "Henri Pachard" must be some Hollywood director slumming to make a few dollars... but no, it looks like the whole thing was done with just your standard porn cast and crew.

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