Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day #22,771

Walk km 16,469-14,471 (6300 to go): to Denman @ Davie
Walk km 16,471-16,474: to Denman @ Haro via Davie

Movie #2484: The Defilers (1965, Lee Frost)

Here we are again dipping into the filmography of Lee "Race With The Devil" Frost. The internet is missing a few of his movies after "House On Bare Mountain". We next pick up his work with 1965's "The Defilers". Gone are the fun and games of Bare Mountain. Instead we have a couple of bored spoiled rich guys who are looking for kicks. They decide that kidnapping is the thing for them. The plot takes a long time to unfold but once it gets moving the results are pretty good for a cast and crew of no-talents.

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