Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day #22,770

Walk km 16,466-16,469: to the library & T&T

Movie #2482: Race With The Devil (1975, Jack Starrett)

I usually don't like religious movies. I usually don't like movies where the plot makes no sense. I'll make an exception here. Four city slickers in an RV witness a ritual Satanic murder. They get away but the devil worshippers are soon hot on their trail. They're gonna have a hard time getting away however as it soon transpires that everyone west of Amarillo in Texas is secretly a satanuic devil worshipper!
Nonsense can be fun.

Movie #2483: House On Bare Mountain (1962, Lee Frost)

Thank God for IMDB. While looking over the credits to "Race With The Devil" I noticed that the guys who wrote the script had started out shooting nudie cuties in their garage. Sure enough there was their filmography. Their first effort was something called "House On Bare Mountain" from 1962. So I google that title and what do you know...... it's on YouTube!
They certainly came up with a lot of gags for this one which is kinda interesting because didn't guys who went  to these movies just go for the T&A? Anyway they came up with a whole slew of gags but unfortunately they all pretty much fall flat. Nice try guys! 

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