Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day #22,778

Walk km 16,512-16,525: test walk in Morgan Creek

pathway in suburbia
approx km 16,516 Morgan Creek (Surrey)

Book #492: The Comedy Is Finished (198x, Donald E Westlake)

You would think that an unpublished book found only after the author had died would likely be a bit of a stinker, at least when compared to that author's published works. However, the reason this book was not published is because once it was completed, Westlake realized that the plot was too similar to a just released movie - King Of Comedy. So he decided to shelve it.
That was a shame because this is one of Westlake's best. Comedian is kidnapped by a bunch of has-been revolutionaries who refuse to believe that the revolution is not gonna happen. Instead of a laugh fest, this turns out to be one very grim read. Recommended. 

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