Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day #22,759-761

Walk km 16,386-16,388: to Safeway
Walk km 16,388-16,399: Lochdale Meetup walk
Walk km 16,399-16,411: Maillardville test walk
Walk km 16,411-16,423: Maillardville Meetup walk

Book #490: Trout Fishing In America (1967, Richard Brautigan)

Wimsical. Very wimsical. Little vignettes wherein Richard tries to work in the phrase "Trout Fishing In America". Some are even about trout fishing. They claim this book sold over 2,000,000 copies! There were that many hippies around in 1967? I guess so.
I have to admit that if I read this in 1967 I would have enjoyed it. Today, it just seems wimsical. Richard's star plummeted in the 70s when the hippy boom was over and he commited suicide at the age of 49.

Movie #2475: The Good The Bad The Weird (2008, Jee-woon Kim)

Korean homage to Sergio Leone. No points for plot (fighting over a buried treasure map). Top marks for the action sequences. I'm no action movie fan but this would be the best action movie I've ever seen.

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