Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day #22,773-774

Walk km 16,479-16,485: downtown walks
Walk km 16,485-16,491: to Stanley Park

flowers - probably roto-den-drons
approx km 16,488 Stanley Park

Movie #2486: Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses (1994, Aki Kaurismaki)

The sequel to Leningrad Cowboys Go America. When we last saw the LC they were down in Mexico. It turns out they (and their manager) lost their way and ended up wandering around the Mexican desert. Their manager "saw the light", changed his name to Moses and decided to lead the LC to their promised land (Siberia).
If I had never seen LC Go America this would be quite funny but we've seen this before. It was still OK despite the fact that I usually don't like religious movies.

Movie rewatch: Air Hostess (1959, Wen Yi)

Basically just a 90 commercial for the airline industry in the same way that Elvis movies were ads for Hawaii, Las Vegas, Acapulco, NY World's Fair etc. A total waste of fiilm stock except for Grace Chang who makes it all worth watching.

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