Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day #22,772

Walk km 16,474-16,477: to Devonian Harbour Park
Walk km 16,477-16,479: to Nelson @ Denman

Movie #2485: Love Is A Four Letter Word (1966, Lee Frost)

We continue with the Lee Frost film festival. We're now up to 1966 and Lee takes a step back. Gone is the plot of The Defilers. Here we just have "Jerry" who is a sex pervert. We're not really sure what kind as the film is just filled with a mishmash of nudie scenes. Jerry watches films in a adult book store. Jerrry visits some hookers in Tijuana. Jerry watches a female sorority initiation. He visits a hooker in L.A. The most disturbing scene is where a woman is doing a strip tease to a surf intrumental. However, Jerry starts daydreaming and the girl stripping becomes his girlfriend and the surf music changes to easy listening. In the end, Jerry commits suicide. Was it because he found out his girlfriend was a lesbian? Or was it because his perversion prevents him from hearing surf music? We'll never know.

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