Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day #22.972-974

Walk km 18,128-18,131: to Safeway
Walk km 18,131-18,134: running errands
Walk km 18,134-18,146: fast walk along False Creek
Walk km 18,146-18,147: to lunch
Walk km 18,147-18,159: around Stanley Park

Movie #2591: Bitter Harvest (1963, Peter Graham Scott)
I loved the execution but the plot was nothing special. Young airheaded beauty heads for the big city with dreams of becoming a jetsetter. Tragedy awaits.

Movie #2592: My Brothers Wife (1966, Doris Wishman)
Doris may be a horrible director but she does have her own style. So, after watching endless movies that all look the same, it's fun to watch a Wishman. And yes, she did forget the apostrophe.
Also kudos to non-actress June Roberts: during the big "should I kill myself" climax scene, June decides that she won't even bother trying to act. She looks like she's just waiting for the kettle to boil as she ponders the fate of her mortal soul.

Book #516: The Blonde On The Street Corner (1954, David Goodis)
I thought this would be sub-par Goodis. I'd never heard of this title before. No Black Lizard edition. But I assume that's because this is not a crime novel. Nope, this is just a novel about a bunch of bums. They stand around on the streetcorners. They smoke some. They drink some. They work some (but not much). But underneath the bum exterior there's a whole nother world going on. Read it and see for yourself. Sure, just read it. For yourself.

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