Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day #22,980

Walk km 18,203-18,213: Pacific Spirit Park
a stump
approx km 18,208 Pacific Spirit Park

Movie #2600: Counterplot (1959, Kurt Neumann)
Movie #2601: The Strange World Of Planet X (1958, Gilbert Gunn)
It's a Forrest Tucker double feature. First off, Forrest gets to star with the most glamourous of Hollywood stars, Allison Hayes. Unfortunately Ms Hayes is the only thing to recommend this tedious programmer. This was part of an Allison Hayes film festival on TCM today. Looks like there's hope for old TCM after all.
For the 2nd feature we had to go to YouTube. This time Forrest has his hands full of giant insects instead of Ms Hayes. Most unfortunate for Mr Tucker but it does make our viewing a bit more interesting. I've always enjoyed those giant bug/animal movies.

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