Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day #22,977

Walk km 18,168-18,176: Edmonds Station to Richmond
approx km 18,170 along the BC Parkway

Movie #2596: Walk the Dark Street (1956, Wyott Ordung)
Movie #2597: First Man Into Space (1959, Robert Day)
It's a Wyott Ordung double feature. Both stories here are by Ordung. In the first, he takes care of directing as well. The plot for that one is laughable. He comes up with a good story idea but he cannot come up with a plausible plot and so the whole thing is idiotic. In the 2nd one he fares better because it's sci-fi so it doesn't need to make any sense.
A lousy print hinders "Walk The Dark Night" but YouTube has a nice print of "First Man Into Space". Neither movie is anything to write home about. Wyott Ordung strikes out.

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