Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day #22,982

Walk km 18,223-18,229: to Stanley Park

Movie #2605: Sex Kittens Go To College (1960, Albert Zugsmith)
Movie #2606: The Brain Eaters (1958, Bruno VeSota)
It's a Jody Fair double bill. Unfortunately I couldn't recognize any similarity between any 2 actresses in these two movies - I guess Jody just didn't have much star quality.
Hard to say if SKGTC was any good. VIOOZ wasn't working properly so I had to watch it in 3 and 4 minute chunks over about 12 hours. 3 and 4 minute chunks may have been the best way to watch this one. This one definately had the kitsch cast of the century. Imagine a movie with Mamie Van Doren, Tuesday Weld, Vampira, John Carradine, Mijanou Bardot (Brigette Bardot's sister), Jackie Coogan (doing W C Fields), Charlie Chapin Jr, Harold Lloyd Jr and as an added special attraction.... Conway Twitty! One weird part was the strip tease part (with actual nudity). This must have been added for the European release? No way it would have been in a mainstream Hollywood picture in 1960. What made the trip tease extra weird was that only two cast members were seen in the strip tease scenes: the robot and the monkey. Both were getting pretty steamed up too - too kinky for me!
And then we had to deal with The Brain Eaters. One of my favourite plots: small town under attack by aliens from outer space. Loved the familiar music but didn't know what it was until the familiar strains of "Alexander Nevsky" by Sergei Prokofiev started. Turns out that they saved on library music but stealing from Shostakovich and Prokofiev. I guess they figured that The Brain Eaters would never be shown in the USSR so it was safe to steal the music from them. They weren't so lucky in stealing the plot. It turns out they used a Robert A Heinlein short story for that but Mr Heinlein did find out about it and threated to sue. They settled for $5000 (must have doubled the budget!). Oh yes, the movie.... I enjoyed it.

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