Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day #22,975-976

Walk km 18,159-18,161: to T&T
Walk km 18,161-18,168: seawall of West Vancouver

Movie #2593: Danger Route (Seth Holt, 1967)
It's imitation Bond time with Connery clone Richard Johnson. It seems that Mr Johnson was who they initialy thought of when they started casting for the part of James Bond. There is a similarity.
This one is a kind of poor man's James Bond - plenty of intrigue but non of the flashy trappings that go with a real James Bond movie.

Movie #2594: Trouble at Melody Mesa (1944, W Merle Connell)
Movie #2595: It's A Small World (1950, William Castle)
Yes, it is a small world - what we have here is a Lorraine Miller double feature. Never heard of her? Me neither.
Trouble At Melody Mesa was made in 1944 and nobody dared to release it until 1949. It's that bad. The acting is amazingly bad - everyone recites their lines in the most wooden deadpan way possible. And that includes Ms Miller. This woman can't act.
Now we skip ahead to 1950 and all of a sudden she can act! There's nothing like having a real director in charge to spuce up a performance. The movie itself is first rate. It's the life story of a midget. Ms Miller gets the plum role as the floozy who introduces our hero into the wonderful world of crime. And then breaks his heart with a "me and a midget.... don't make me laugh" routine. Looks like William Castle made some pretty good movies before his early 60s gimmick horror flix.

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