Friday, November 21, 2014

Day #22,981

Walk km 18,213-18,223: Pacific Spirit Park
Meetup walkers (photo taken by passer-by)
approx km 18,215 Pacific Spirit Park

Movie #2602: Whistling In Brooklyn (1943, S Sylvan Simon)
Movie #2603: A Stranger In Town (1943,  Roy Rowland)
Movie #2604: Viva Cisco Kid (1940, Norman Foster)
It's a Jean Rogers triple-bill. Jean shows a flair for comedy in the Red Skelton vehicle, Whistling in Brooklyn. Even as a kid, I found Red Skelton to be extremely unfunny. But, given decent material, he comes across as a talented comedian. The next two films feature Jean as just another pretty face. A Stranger In Town features Frank Morgan as a judge who uses the law to tame a lawless town (while on a hunting vacation). Viva Cisco Kid features the dashing Cesar Romero in the title role.

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